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Friday, April 1, 2022

Drakengard 3

 A prequel (more or less) to the first two Drakengard games, it also sees Yoko Taro return to both write and direct, bringing the series back to its darker roots, though with more of a black comedy feel this time around.  The protagonist is also a notable one; one of six heroic figures called "intoners" who, for reasons initially unclear, seeks to kill her sisters and become the world's sole intoner and is often at odds with her dragon companion as she does so.  Gameplay is similar to the first two, though it retains the improvements of 2 and even adds some of its own, allowing for smooth transitions between aerial and ground-based combat and even letting one swap weapons instantly to keep the gameplay smooth.  Its gameplay and level design are still pretty forgettable even three games in, but Drakengard's focus on its complex characters, visceral emotions and grim storytelling shine through, making it an oddly compelling experience even in spite of its repetitive gameplay.

Note: The game does have audio bugs that can make voices extremely quiet or result in distorted audio.  Make sure to set your PS3 system's audio to accurately reflect your setup!

Developer: Access Games
Publisher: Square Enix
Released: 2014
Platforms: Playstation 3