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As those who have read my previous writings know, I'm no fan of number rating systems; they've lost any real meaning with the advent of paid reviews, not to mention the fact that they just make for an easy excuse for readers to scroll to the bottom of the review, look at the big red number, and then fire off a knee-jerk attack on the author without even having read the thought process behind their opinion.  So we'll have none of those here.  Instead, games are considered for recommendation based on a list of criteria:

  • Does it have engaging gameplay that holds the player's interest, or is it stale, uninspired and mindless?
  • Is the storyline interesting and the characters captivating, or are they generic and by-the-numbers?
  • Is the gameplay well-balanced and challenging, does it feel too easy, or is it overly unfair and frustrating?
  • Is it a good length, is it far too short to provide a satisfying experience, or does it wear out its welcome by being too long and monotonous?
  • Does its overall design hold up to standards for the period in which it was released?
  • If an older game, does it hold up today?
  • If a newer game, does it have that timeless quality to it, or is it just a one-and-done experience?
  • Is it worth the general asking price, or is it too high to justify the purchase?
  • And we will never, ever use number scores or lists of talking points sent to us by publishers.  Ever.
As the tagline at the top of the site says, we are also not influenced by any big-name publishers or advertisers at RPGreats, so you'll be getting a much more honest take on things than you ever will at any of those big-banner sites!