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Sunday, December 24, 2023

Super Lesbian Animal RPG

Super Lesbian Animal RPG. The name makes it sound like some kind of parody or that it's going to be very over-the-top, raunchy and played for laughs, but I assure you, it's very much done in earnest.  Starring two friends/lovers and several of their other close friends as they attempt to form their own adventuring guild, the game has a few of the silly elements you'd expect from the setup - stat-buffing kisses and love powered magic - but the rest is a genuine adventure with plenty of earnest humor and some surprisingly well-realized characters.  For the player's part (in the role of Melody Amaranth), you're given a career choice of three variants of Paladin, and your choices throughout the narrative do actually make a substantial difference in how scenes play out.  Despite being made in RPG Maker, the game also shows a high degree of polish and effort - I didn't spot any stock assets, and all the new ones showcase some high-quality art, spritework, music and animations.  Little touches like experience meters, custom menus and status screens (complete with a brief character profile) also go quite a long way, as do new mechanics; abilities run off both traditional Magic Points and "Star Power" that charges as the battle progresses.  Other, more substantial additions include a quest log, treasure maps with corresponding puzzles to solve, and of course the usual roundup of RPG sidequests like a bestiary and a few collection quests.  Basically it's a well-made, decently entertaining RPG with a silly title and a lot of clean humor.  And gay. Very, very gay.


I don't know how much these last few sliders and options actually factor in, but regardless, something I haven't seen before in an RPG.  Gets points for that!

Developer: ponett
Publisher: ponett
Released: 2022
Platforms: PC